Literature reviews, Publication plans, Gap and Situation analyses

  1. Get in touch with us and tell us about your project. To determine the content and scope, tell us:
    • What questions are you trying to answer?
    • What decisions are you making?
    • Is there a particular angle you are interested in?
  2. We will create:
    • a project scope
    • a proposed team
    • a project timeline
    • a quote (1-2 days)
  3. Together, let’s determine and agree on the overall scope and depth of the project
  4. We will create a Table of Contents of the report (1-2 weeks)
  5. Once we have agreed on the ToC, we will start the in-depth research and analysis. This may take 2-4 weeks.
  6. We will deliver a draft of the report; you can provide any initial feedback
  7. We will deliver a final version of the report together with a Summary slidekit.